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Pain Relief – acute & chronic pain Pain Relief – acute & chronic pain

Chronic pain, when pain becomes the “normal” sensation long after an injury or trauma has occured, is  very complex. Tissue damage is only one factor that may give rise to pain.  In fact, research has shown that some individuals with diagnosed tissue damage (such as a herniated disc for example)  report no pain at all. […]

Terms & Conditions Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions: EMBODY operates a 24 hour cancellation policy. Cancellations made within 24 hours of the  appointment and no-shows incur a 50% cancellation fee, payable within 5 days of issue. Late arrival may result in shortened treatment time. Full fees apply. For corporate and on-site/event bookings we require 3 day cancellation. Should an event […]

Workshops Workshops

EMBODY offers a range of workshops and courses throughout the year; from Reiki workshops (all levels) and postgraduate Reiki training,to relaxation and movement for individuals suffering from chronic pain conditions. Supporting Chroic Pain tba Please get in touch prior to class

From the Bog

Hello. I am Ursula founder of Embody Therapies, and I am really pleased to have you here.  With over 12 years experience in bodywork and healing, I specialise in the treatment of pain, chronic pain , stress induced ailments and help indiviuals from all walks of life to feel better in their bodies. I hold a BTEC Level 6 Professional Diploma in Advanced Clinical and Sports Massage- the highest qulaification level in the massage industry in the UK to date.

I am also a dedicated Reiki Teacher in the traditional Usui system, and promote authentic Japanese techniques and a practical approach to this powerful healing energy.

In my tailor made treatments, I offer Massage / Bodywork that gives you the opportunity to connect to your body on a deep level, offering the potential for healing in a safe, relaxed space. I see the therapist’s job as holding the space for the client to experience a treatment most suited to them; initiating change in the various layers of tissue worked on. Guiding the client’s attention to parts of the body which are constricted, tense, weak, painful or tired, the therapist’s touch and verbal prompts encourage acceptance and insights to the messages the body is trying to make. This mindful presence is one of the most potent tools in helping release pain, tension and other ailments. It requires of the client to not just want to “crash” on the treatment table and zone out, but to participate mentally and physically in the treatment. In this way a true healing journey can be initiated and a sense of full embodyment can be achieved. I am looking forward connecting with you!

Julie-Anne, Lisburn

“I have fibromyalgia and I’ve tried many treatments, but Ursula is by far the best therapist I have been with. She is knowledgeable and understanding and I have had great benefit from the bodywork treatment. I would highly recommend UR-Time Holistic Wellness.” 

- Julie-Anne, Lisburn
Clair, D. Dunmurry, 2016

“Thank you Ursula for my wonderful treatments. You really helped my lower back & side pain. So much more than massage, excellent detailed muscle work , in expert hands. Can’t wait for my next treat!” 

- Clair, D. Dunmurry, 2016
N.F., Belfast

Ursula is a fabulous Massage and Reiki therapist. She is thoroughly tuned in to you and works holistically. She continually updates her skills and her treatments are very powerful and healing. I could unreservedly recommend her.”

- N.F., Belfast