Whether you suffer from chronic pain, muscular tension, physical overload, heavy training schedule, stress induced tension, low energy levels , or simply wish to relax – YOU have come to the right place. I offer outcome based therapies, that are designed to meet your personal circumstances and are individually tailored to your needs. No two clients receive the same treatment.

Come along and experience the benefits and beauty of Bodywork given by caring and listening hands. I work mindfully and attentively with each individual client, allowing the body to respond in its own time and providing a safe space for healing to unfold. Informed mindful touch combined with cutting edge body work techniques is a powerful way to encourage body & mind to relax, heal and re-align.

CURRENTLTY CLOSED DUE TO LOCKDOWN- re-opening as soon as given the go-ahead by the NI executive

***COVID 19 changes to operation of services offered:

Due to the ongoing pandemic and various restricitons in place, your visit to EMBODY will from 6 July 2020 take on a differnt format. If you are a first time client, or returning client after a long period of absence, our initial consultation will take place via video call. Preferred format :ZOOM, if that isn’t suitable other remote platforms can be considered. Your consultation will take approximately 15-20 minutes and will be scheduled one day before your face-to-face appointment, or on the day of your face-to-face session. This step is been put into practice to mitigate the risk of spreading the virus and is recommended by the GCMT (General Council of Massage Therapists) and other professional bodies. During this remote consultation, we will also go through a specific COVID 19 screening questionaire in line with government guidlines. This is done to ensure your and my safety and the safety of other clients visiting the premisis. Failure or refusal to comply with these safety measures may result in your appointment being cancelled.  Upon arrival for your massage, you will be greeted by me with the doors wide open, so you can walk into the room without touching anything. Hand sanitizer is provided for your use upon arrival.  Your massage couch has been re-dressed with a special cover that ensures sanitisation is possible. All soft furniture, cusions and rugs have been removed. EMBODY has introduced  a 60 minutes gap policy between appointments to ensure thorough ventilation and cleaning can be carried out after each client.

Further steps are put into place to ensure you can enjoy your treatment session in comfort and contentment. Most importantly, the quality of your treatment will not suffer in any way- same hands and heart giving the treatment!

Signature Clinical Massage for pain

A tailor-made, therapeutic massage utilising a variety of bodywork techniques to improve chronic pain, general muscular tension, joint problems, mobility and flexibility issues and other complaints. Signature Massage may incorporate the whole body or address areas of the body affected by pain and tension. This massage is specifically suited for Chronic Low Back Pain /Stress induced ailments/Headache/ Frozen Shoulder /Neck & Shoulder pain and injury/ Carpal Tunnel Syndrome / RSI’S / Knee Pain / Whiplash / Migraines / Strains & Sprains / Pain from disc pathology / Plantar Fascitis and any type of muscular, soft tissue pain problem. This is an outcome based approach to effectively improve clients well-being in 3-6 weekly sessions.

Signature Clinical Massage for degenerative/chronic/ systemic conditions

Designed for clients suffering from systemic and chronic conditions, such as Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrom, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, Irritable Bowl Syndrome and others. This treatment aims to improve sense of wellbeing and quality of life through intelligent, gentle bodywork addressing symptoms of discomfort, stress, anxiety and overwhelm with a long-term view to offer support and empowerment to the client. Regular treatment sessions are recommended to achieve beneficial results.

The Rocks – Hot Stone Fusion Massage – the ultimate hot stone treatment (75 minutes)

A Hot Stone Massage like no other! A creative blend of techniques from East and West, resulting in a seamless dance of hands and stones. Balancing hydrotherapy, cutting edge remedial techniques , the healing properties of  natural , iron rich basalt stones combined into a unique experience! Hot Stone Fusion is the place where the luxury of the spa meets the science of holistic, clinical massage. Tailor made treatment. A powerful massage to deeply nourish and relax, as well as alleviating chronic pain conditions and deep seated tension. The techniques of this treatment were first offered in the original StoneSpa New York, enriched and developed with the latest trends in body work science. 


Reiki Healing – Authentic Japanese style

A holistic form of Japanese energy healing, using ‘Universal Life Force Energy’ to release the body’s own healing potential. The idea of energy “Ki” is an integral part of oriental medicine. To keep this energy in balance is the key to health and well-being. Reiki brings about this balance and can be highly effective for physical and psychciological  ailments, including post-surgical healing/recovery, anxiety, depression or degenerative conditions. Reiki supports any form of healing processes and can be used safely with any ailment and problem. To me Reiki first and foremost is a way to access pure, unconditional love. And that love is what enables us to heal from within. Reiki helps to accept, to detach , to fully embrace what was, is or may be, it helps to let go in a positive way and to move on without fear. It connects us right back to ourselves and all of life.



Remote self-care and wellness coaching for pain and stress management

This a new addition to the treatment offering! During times of pandemic restricitions online consultations, pain and stress management sessions have been proven to be so beneficial that I will keep them as an alternative option as a regular offering.  A great way to benefit from my extensive knowledge of bodywork, movement, meditaton and energy healing when you don’t feel like travelling, or you live too far away to see me in person. We will look at your issues of concern and I will coach you to self massage, stretch, move and look after your health in a unique way. You will be empowered to take of your self in a new and confident nammer! Session time: 30 minutes. available as single sessions or a pack of three. We use: ZOOM

PLEASE contact me directly for pricing- due to the pandemic restrictions and change of working format, fees have changed and EMBODY Therapies is changing and up-grading its services at present.

For all existing clients -fees remain unchanged until September 2021

DURING COVID 19: Prepay via bank transfer or paypal preferred when possible- otherwise cash or card payments accepted.