Chronic pain, when pain becomes the “normal” sensation long after an injury or trauma has occured, is  very complex. Tissue damage is only one factor that may give rise to pain.  In fact, research has shown that some individuals with diagnosed tissue damage (such as a herniated disc for example)  report no pain at all. Others, report severe pain without actual damage to the body. The sensation of pain depends on  a combination of factors, such as biological issues (injury), psychological factors, such as beliefs and emotions ( suffering from anxiety for example) and social factores ( being of a certain age or gender for example). Apart from these, our brain and nerveous system is involved in the creation and perpetuation  of pain.

At Embody you will find a multitude of methods and techniques used from classical sports massage techniques,  to connective tissue (fascial ) release -indirect and direct- to subtle energy work and exercise- all individually tailored to your specific circumstances. For the treatments to be most effective and giving you a desired outcome, it is advised to receive a course of 4-6 weekly sessions.