Remote self-care and wellness coaching for pain and stress management- individual sessions or groups

This a new addition to the treatment offering! During times of pandemic restricitions online consultations, pain and stress management sessions for groups have been proven to be so beneficial that I will keep them as an alternative option as a regular offering.  A great way to benefit from my extensive knowledge of bodywork, movement, meditaton and energy healing for the benefit of groups.  Sessions are build to individual rquiremtns of the group/team in question and may range from stress management to enegising activities and team-building. A great way for teams to connect when physical coming together is not possible. Session time: normally 1 hour, but longer sessions can also be provided.

Contact me for details- I am happy to help!

Residential or day-retreat services

For your retreats or other residential events: Embody offers in-house therapy and meditation services, to enhance the beneficial experience of the participants and to support you, the retreat fascilitator. I am happy to travel to destinations locally and abroad, for just a few hours or a few days. I am particularly suited to work in a retreat environment due to my own extensive retreat experiences. Therapy service can be made available during silent retreats as well. Contact me directly for individual arrangements.