Meet Embody’s  founder Ursula Ruminski

Ursula holds a Professional Diploma in Advanced Clinical and Sports Massage  (BTEC level 6; the highest level of training in Massage Therapy to-date available within the UK) , has Holistic Massage training, is an Usui Reiki Teacher/Master, Jikiden Reiki Therapist, EFT practitioner  and a member of the FHT- Federation of Holistic Therapists. Since she embarked on her careere she has  constantly up-dated and expanded her skills. For example, last year, Ursula attended the Breath-Body-Mind (BBM) training workshop hosted by Dr. Brown and Dr. Garberg,  following Belfast’s trauma conference, learning profoud, effective, yet simple breath practices ( coherent breathing) to regulate the nerveous system and combat stress, exhaustion, chronic pain and trauma.


Originally from Germany, Ursula arrived in Belfast as a university student in 1997, completing a BA(Hons) in English Literature. Initially set on embarking on a PhD,  her lifepath changed from academic pursuits to the healing arts in 2001, when she was initiated into the first degree Reiki. This event re-connected her with a long, underlying desire to help and heal through touch; a quiet passion she was first drawn to when in hospital for eye surgery at the age of 4. Her parents always tell the story of her being found standing at the side of the bed of a small infant beside her in hopital, whose hands were bandaged as to not  damage the dressing covering the eyes.  The little one was always crying and in great distress, so Ursula would walk to her and place her hands on the baby to soothe it. Early Reiki imprints, for sure! It took a little while for that to develop into a professional careeer.

Now, Ursula is known for her caring and compassionate approach to holistic wellness. Passionate about alternative and natural ways to maintain health and inner well-being,  Ursula always encourages her clients to take charge of their own well-being and to incorporate new methods to maintain health. Treatments always incorporate specific home and after-care advice. Ursula is physically active; she regularly practises yoga, enjoys walking, dancing and engages in regular meditaion. Please click here for more information                       Call 07849746331

Qualifications in detail

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Registered Practitioner Member of the Federation of Holistic Therapsits FHT. Ursula abides by their code of practice, is fully insured and up-dates and expands her skills through regular CPD training.

EFT Practioner’s certificate , registered with the EFTMRA Academy, UK, 2019

BTEC level 6 Professional Diploma Advanced  Clinical and Sports Massage  ,UK -2017 ( 2.5 years training)

– Certificate in Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy -ACMT- JING Institute- Brighton, UK – 2015

– Certificate in Advanced Myofascial Release Techniques- JING Institute, UK- 2015

– Introduction to Cranio-Sacral Therapy ( Upledger Institute) – 2018, UK

-Level 3 Swedish Massage (VTCT) 2007, Belfast MET.

– Level 3 Diploma Anatomy & Physiology (VTCT) 2007, Belfast MET

– Diploma Advanced Holistic Massage (VTCT) 2008, Belfast MET.

– Usui Reiki Teacher (Master) 2004, “The Little House of Avalon”, Ireland

– Japanese Reiki Techniques 2005 with Frank Arjava Petter. Author of a number of best selling books on Reiki.

– Jikiden Reiki 1 and 2, 2005 with Tadao Yamaguchi from Jikiden Institute, Japan.

– Certificate Level 1 Massage for people living with cancer, awarded by IRIS Cancer Partnership, Scotland

-Certificate in Myofascial Fusion for the treatment of lower back, neck & shoulder pain – FHT/JING INSTITUTE of advanced massage training- 2014

– Certificate in  Foundation in Advanced Clinical Massage 2014- JING Institute, Brighton

Postgraduate Practitioner Diplomas in Indian Head & Shoulder Massage, Deep Tissue Massage , Seated Acupressure and Myofascial Release